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Neutral Detergent Sanitiser - 20 Litre

Neutral Detergent Sanitiser - 20 Litre

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Neutral Detergent - Sanitiser is an orange slightly viscous liquid with no odour. Neutral Detergent- Sanitiser is a PH neutral cleaner and disinfectant that is specially formulated to be tough on grease and grime, yet kind on floors and surfaces.

Neutral Detergent - Sanitiser is low phosphate, non corrosive, residual free and non flammable. It is suitable to clean and disinfect all types of floors and surfaces including plastics, metals, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, enamels and painted surfaces keeping them looking like new. This product can be used in any area where soiling and bacterial contamination is a problem (i.e. healthcare, institutional and commercial facilities).

- Low Phosphate
- Biodegradable Surfactants
- Neutral PH = 7.0 - 7.5
- Non Corrosive
- Grease Cutting
- Safe on most surfaces





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