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Toilet Paper Man is different to your usual place to shop. We are a bit old fashioned with new technology thrown in.

Since 1998 we have been supplying homes, exporters, cleaners, wholesalers, shops, factories, councils and warehouses. From quality 3 ply toilet paper to your 1 ply jumbo rolls. We have something for everyone. People even take our products with them in their luggage overseas. I know we do too.

We started out in a small garage with just an idea and lots of hard work. Thanks to people like you we have come a long way.

What makes us different to everyone else is that we understand toilet paper and innovate new products to save time, effort and increase comfort and softness. We know that people care what they use and that is where we excel. To us toilet paper is not just toilet paper.

Our products are still made to old recipes and ideas. E.g Most toilet papers are getting smaller rolls per day (yes that is why you run out faster and find all those cores on the floor). We have gone the other way, longer rolls.

Our Laundry Powder is still the same concentrated product we started with in 1998. We love our products so much. An example would be Mother in laws Favourite fabric softener. Who would be crazy enough to call a product that? However, this is to us the best fabric softener in Australia and you will find our clients agree too. We strive to have good quality products and excellent service. We are your one stop shop for cleaning products, air fresheners, cling wrap and foilscupsgarbage bagsdisposable glovesragspaper towelsA4 paperserviettesflushable wipestissues and, of course our specialty, toilet paper! We supply bulk and wholesale toilet paper to the home and commercial industries.

And not just any toilet paper...

Even in 2 ply there are such variations. Example 400 sheets can come in many thicknesses, water absorptions and quality. We even have our own Chilli Toilet Paper (now sold out) and also our most watched 22 carat gold toilet paper which is no longer on offer  and took over 4 years to make.


What effect does toilet paper have on a business’s bottom line (no pun intended)?

BRW did a report on productivity. They found that if you give your staff good amenities including good quality toilet paper and coffee then your staff are happier at work and more productive.

“Every employee knows, but few bosses seem to understand, that little things such as a clean kitchen and decent toilet paper can make all the difference to a day's work.” Emily Ross in BRW issue 5-11 May 05

So you may save 3 cents by buying cheaper toilet paper but it could be sending your business down the toilet…

Below is our famous Toilet Paper Man Jingle - do you know the tune?

Something funny we dug out from the archives of old radio ads about us. Thought you would enjoy them as they still make us smile and laugh and that is what we want you to do. We appreciate your time and business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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