Fold Your Toilet Paper For a Better Clean or is Scrunching more your style ?

It’s estimated that the average consumer uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. That’s a lot of toilet paper when you think about it, which most people don’t. They just do their business with this prized paper, and move on with their lives. Yet, the fact stands that 84 million rolls of toilet paper are produced each day, so people use a lot of this stuff. Most people are lucky enough to have toilet paper to use on a daily basis. There are two types of people in the world, those who fold their paper and those that scrunch it up it a haphazard manner. There is a big difference in the type of clean you get from just how a person uses the toilet paper.

A few years ago, famous singer Sheryl Crow said that you should, “only use one square per bathroom trip.” Okay, that might be a little on the short side for usage, but she does have a point. You can actually get a better clean by folding your toilet paper neatly before your use it. Try to be a “folder” instead of a “scruncher.” Toilet Paper Man the leading provider of bulk toilet paper and cleaning supplies in Eastern Australia provides bulk toilet paper options in different styles that will please anyone using the facilities. We also offer bulk pricing that will save you significant money, so that you aren’t buying toilet paper all the time. You’ll just have a terrific supply on hand at all times.

You might even want to try our most popular product, Mr. President which is a silky, smooth, 3 ply blend toilet paper that you’ll find is very pleasing to wipe with. Keep in mind that ordering toilet paper online will save you time and money. You don’t have to drive to the store wasting gas, because we’ll ship it right to your door. Ordering in bulk online also saves you shipping costs, since you aren’t ordering as often when you order in larger quantities.

What Is a Scruncher?

So do you think you are a “scruncher”? This style of toilet paper user pulls off a large strip of the product, and balls it up together before using it. This leads to an unorganized way of cleaning yourself after you use the facility. It also uses a vast amount of toilet paper in an uneven method. It doesn’t get you any cleaner than alternative methods of folding. Scrunchers typically use 4-7 sheets at a time, and that’s being on the conservative size. Children are more likely to utilize toilet paper this way because they don’t know any better.

What Is a Folder?

A “folder” is the complete opposite of a “scruncher.” In fact the folder is just a more organized person overall than their messy counterpart. Folders use 2-3 sheets per use which is about half as many as the careless scruncher. This is just smart usage for a number of reasons. Kudos to you if you are a true folder of this paper product. Your mother probably taught you well. Think of the smooth surface area of the folded toilet paper, it’s going to clean you in the most effective way possible.

The Considerable Difference Between The Two Types

It’s been proven that folders use 50 perfect less toilet paper overall than scrunchers. Not to point fingers at anyone, but men on average are mostly folders with the statistics being 52 percent, as opposed to 38 percent of women. On the other end, 52 percent of women are scrunchers, with only 38 percent of men scrunching or “wading” their toilet paper in a bunch.Poor Elaine on the tv show “Seinfeld” knows exactly what a wasteful scruncher is like on that famous episode where she’s in a public restroom, and the lady in the stall next to her wouldn't even, “spare a square.” Everyone can spare many squares if they just use it the right way each time they go.

We don’t care which way you use it, so long as you use it! Just because one method might save more toilet paper than the other doesn’t mean it is any better than the other. Use toilet paper in whatever way works for you!

The Quality Matters

Of course if you have high quality toilet paper it is easier to use less. You want something that is at least 2-3 ply in weight, so you get a better performance out of it, and don’t have to use so many sheets. With high quality toilet paper, you can feel the difference in the texture and weight. When you feel high quality toilet paper, know that you won’t need to use as much as cheap toilet paper.

You get a much better idea of the difference in quality when you pick up an entire package of high quality toilet paper, and compare it to cheap, low quality toilet paper. When you pick up a package or Toilet Paper Man toilet paper, you can feel the weight and difference. Compare our Mrs. Particulartoilet paper to the cheap packs from the store, and our rolls are bigger, heavier, and softer.

We even offer a 24K gold toilet paper that is the pinnacle of chic. You wouldn’t want to waste any of that expensive paper, would you? Explore your many options in toilet paper by stopping by the Toilet Man website today to find your perfect paper that will allow you to explore being the perfect “folder” that you should be in today’s world. You’ll be cleaner and happier each time you use our products.

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