Toilet Paper Expert …. are you really?

Some of us tend to think that because we make use of something every day that we know what’s what. Take me for example. I have had some form of an iPad for years now. I thought I was an expert when it comes to my iPad. How wrong I was. I now know, thanks to the tech savvy people at the Apple store so much more and not only that, I also know how to use it correctly because the real expert has given me advice.

Me, I am an expert when it comes to toilet paper and cleaning products. I have a lot of grateful customers, businesses and households because of my expertise. They bought what they thought logical to be the best for their environment. Some of them were way off and some not so way off but in the end they all fared better after listening to what I suggested. The job got done and they saved money. e.g The other day a client I have been looking after for about 12 years had his wife get involved with the buying for the company. The whole product mix changed and the owner couldn't understand why he was using so much more product. The solution was simple. No, not what you think, he is still married. 

My business card reads Consultant

Do you want expert advise? If the answer is yes then get in touch with me today.

Google defines a consultant as:

A person who provides expert advice professionally.
"He acted as campaign consultant to the president"
synonyms: adviser, guide, counsellor

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