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Laundry Powder - Premium - 12.5 kg Bucket

Laundry Powder - Premium - 12.5 kg Bucket

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Laundry Powder - Premium - 12.5 kg Bucket

Laundry Powder Premium is a powerful powder pulling out the grime and dirt from clothes. This is a much stronger product than you find from most places - we call it making laundry powder like our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers use to. We prefer if you use warm or hot water - at least to dilute the product, as this makes it more efficient and cost effective for you. This recipe is our original recipe and that makes a super product for you to use everyday (no cheap immitations). We rate this as Best product, best price.

 Laundry Powder Premium includes a large amount of oxygen active and Anti-Redepositing agents to disperse the soil and dirt into the water, leaving your wash free of germs and odours.





Laundry Powder Premium offers:
- Enriched with protease enzymes to remove protein based stains e.g. grass, blood, faeces and various foods such as egg and gravy.
- Includes a mild Oxygen Bleach to assist in: (a) Achieving a Greater Degree of Whiteness and (b) Antibacterial Properties
- Excellent for Cotton, Regenerated Cellulose (Viscose), Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon.
- Mild in PH
- takes care of the fabric
- Readily Soluble in water and moderately sudsing
- Low in Phosphate
- Environmentally friendly
- All ingredients are 100% safe to be used in food processing areas: e.g. equipment cleaning and soaking, laundry related products.

- Biodegradable Surfactants
- Low Phosphate
- Concentrated 100% active
- PH (1% solution) = 11.00
- Premium Quality and Value
- Superior to the leading brands
- Contains Softeners
- Suitable for Hot &Cold Water


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