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Laundry Powder - Premium - 10 kg Bag

Laundry Powder - Premium - 10 kg Bag

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Laundry Powder - Premium - 10 kg Bag

Laundry Powder Premium is a powerful powder pulling out the grime and dirt from clothes. This is a much stronger product than you find from most places - we call it making laundry powder like our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers use to. We prefer if you use warm or hot water - at least to dilute the product, as this makes it more efficient and cost effective for you. This recipe is our original recipe and that makes a super product for you to use everyday (no cheap immitations). We rate this as Best product, best price.

This is the refill bag to the bucket. You must keep the lid on to keep the air from taking away the excellent properties. With its bright blue eyes - 100% active powder, enriched with enzymes with a strong appealing fragrance which perpetuates in the wash cycle. Laundry Powder Premium contains softener and special optical brighteners to give a lustrous appearance to freshly dried cleaned fabrics.

Laundry Powder Premium includes a large amount of oxygen active and Anti-Redepositing agents to disperse the soil and dirt into the water, leaving your wash free of germs and odours.





Laundry Powder Premium offers:
- Enriched with protease enzymes to remove protein based stains e.g. grass, blood, faeces and various foods such as egg and gravy.
- Includes a mild Oxygen Bleach to assist in: (a) Achieving a Greater Degree of Whiteness and (b) Antibacterial Properties
- Excellent for Cotton, Regenerated Cellulose (Viscose), Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon.
- Mild in PH
- takes care of the fabric
- Readily Soluble in water and moderately sudsing
- Low in Phosphate
- Environmentally friendly
- All ingredients are 100% safe to be used in food processing areas: e.g. equipment cleaning and soaking, laundry related products.

- Biodegradable Surfactants
- Low Phosphate
- Concentrated 100% active
- PH (1% solution) = 11.00
- Premium Quality and Value
- Superior to the leading brands
- Contains Softeners
- Suitable for Hot and Cold Water


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