Collection: Toilet Paper

WeHere at Toilet Paper Man, toilet paper is not just toilet paper. Face it, everyone needs it. We strive to provide you with the best quality toilet paper at the most affordable price. Find everything from bulk toilet paper, cheap toilet paper, and of course our famous golden toilet paper. Not sure what you're looking for? Drop us a line and our team of toilet paper experts are happy to help you find the perfect product, from Mr. President to our new line, Smooth Malcolm. offer a wide range of bulk toilet paper (toilet tissue) for use within the domestic, office and commercial industry. There is our all famous Mr. President for the president of any company or if you just feel the need to feel what a company president feels like when he/she wipes their bottom, then this is for you.

What about our Mothers Favourite? It is and will always be true that mothers know best and it is a fact that even mothers can not argue when they thought their mothers did not know anything. Mom knows and she recommends Mothers Favourite.

Mrs. Particular is also one of our favourite toilet paper rolls. Yes it is for either the man or the lady of the house. This toilet paper discriminates in name alone and not in  the task it has to perform. 

Maybe you have just had enough of changing the toilet paper rolls. I know I am that is why I use them at home even. Many of our customers are very satisfied with our 700 sheet toilet paper rolls. It just keeps on giving. It's amazing!

Our other toilet paper includes Baby, Hotel Style, Cotton Soft, Double Roll, Kleenex Cottonelle, Long Toilet Paper, Virgin Toilet Paper, Designer, Happy, Jumbo Toilet Roll, King, Red Head Julia, Interleaved, The Big One, Twinkle, seat covers and of course of Gold and Chilli toilet paper.

You purchase toilet paper in bulk within the toilet paper commercial section or if not interested in bulk toilet paper then have a look at our domestic toilet paper section.

We offer 1 ply, 2 ply and 3ply toilet paper rolls so there is much to choose from and because they come in bulk they are discounted toilet paper. Do not think because they are cheap toilet paper that they are not of good quality.

We also offer dispensers for toilet tissue. We supply bulk and wholesale toilet paper to the home and commercial industries.